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How To Set Up A Webinar In 10 Steps?

how to set up a webinar

How to set up a webinar in 10 steps? The webinar or online conference is an excellent communication medium. Many “gurus” advocate this method to sell products. However, the webinar does not necessarily have to aim to sell. So, what are the benefits of Webinar? How to make a Webinar? This …

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How To Share Screen On Google Hangouts

how to share screen on google hangouts

How To Share Screen On Google Hangouts? Hangout is a Google software that allows you to chat with your contacts. Practical and lightweight, you will have access to various interesting features to communicate: the cat in writing, by audio and even video. Best of all, Hangout embarks free additional services …

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How To Record A Webinar To Watch Later

how to record a webinar

How To Record A Webinar To Watch Later? Webinars allow you to view video and audio presentations on the Web. Webinar presenters use this technology to provide remote training, customer support and even entertainment. Because live webinars are one-time events, after an end, you do not have to record the …

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