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how to preserve a bouquet

How To Preserve A Bouquet

How To Preserve A Bouquet? There are several solutions, start with the most economical! It is simply to dry your bouquet . To do this, hang the head down in a dry dark place to avoid as much as the colors fade (the flowers are very sensitive to sunlight). To put the odds on your side and try to set the best flowers, spray hairspray at a distance of about 30 cm. For an even more glittering result, you can opt for the glitter lacquer :-).

Drying time varies depending on the varieties of flowers, ranging from a few days to several weeks … The bouquet is suspended in air, it’s easy to check a few weeks. However, drying in the open air does not succeed in all flowers. Some species like roses lend themselves very well, others will unfortunately more like faded. To find out, it is best to do testing.

The alternative would be to dry and frame, or globe to your bouquet by a professional, the result would be better but this is a completely different budget … Well, ideally, before the wedding at the time choosing the bouquet, to opt for a bouquet of flowers lyophilized (or stabilized). This technique consists in removing all the liquid present in the flower according to a method based on refrigeration. And dehydrated after treatment, it keeps its shape and natural color.

Freeze-drying is the most natural way to preserve this but quite popular technique among florists is very accessible to individuals as the necessary equipment is quite expensive.

How To Preserve A Bouquet

10 Tips To Keep Longer

The flowers that offers never last long enough! To keep longer your bouquets of flowers, some simple tricks and eco exist!

  1. Clean your vase well before putting the flowers
  2. Each day, cut diagonally equivalent to 1cm rods
  3. Cut your flowers with a sharp blade and clean and not a pair of scissors which is likely to bruising stalks
  4. Grandma’s Recipe: Add a pinch of sugar or baking soda in water
  5. Remove the lower leaves of flowers , they should not touch the water to avoid the risk rot
  6. Keep your bouquet and warm air currents sources . Please do not leave behind a curtain without windows
  7. For bouquets of roses, the water level should cover 2/3 of the rod
  8. Flowering flexible stems that tend to deform the contact water like tulips, do not put that very p had water, 5 to 8 cm suffice
  9. Rinse the bottom of the stems in cold water every three days
  10. Change the vase water every day.

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