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how to set up a webinar

How To Set Up A Webinar In 10 Steps?

How to set up a webinar in 10 steps? The webinar or online conference is an excellent communication medium. Many “gurus” advocate this method to sell products. However, the webinar does not necessarily have to aim to sell.

So, what are the benefits of Webinar? How to make a Webinar? This is what you will discover in the rest of this article …

Why Webinar?

The webinar allows direct communication with your prospects. This is a special time where you can trade live , answer their questions, give them added value.

This closeness will truly strengthen the relationship with your prospects.

And if you bring a value-added content, you also strengthen your position as an expert .

My mentor, David Wood, recommends organizing a webinar a week as soon as you have a person on your prospects list!

The idea is not to sell something but to strengthen the relationship with your contacts.

Repeating exercise often also allows you to train and become better in this practice.

I regularly do private webinars with my MLM team. But I was not used to making public webinars for my prospects.

The day I started, I already had a consistent list of contacts and I naturally had many participants. But my lack of experience has led to several bugs:

  • Some participants appeared as organizers,
  • Some slides did not appear to the public at the time I commented them,
  • I had hesitations and repeated “heuuuuuu”.

In short, nothing very serious. But if I had already organized 20 webinars, this one would probably have been much better!

If you want to view the webinar in question ” Create a Product and Win 500 € in 1 week “, you can watch it here!

Subsequently, with your webinars being registered you can for example sell them in info-product or use them as Youtube videos to generate traffic and sales of your products. – Watch the complete method to make money with YouTube videos here!

Tip No.1: To organize as soon as possible dice Webinars that you have a list with few prospects.

How To Set Up A Webinar?

1- Free Webinar Software

To start, it is useless to make complicated.

Google offers a free webinar platform, high-performance called Google Hangout On Air.

Attention, not to be confused with the Google Simple Hangout that simply allows a conversation to 10 people.

With Google Hangout On Air, you have a host of exciting features, including:

  • The automatic registration of the webinar,
  • Its publication on Youtube (which you can then go off if you wish)
  • You can involve up to 10 co-organizers,
  • The participants ask questions and interact in chat,
  • You can share a link to your site or documents.

Tip No.2 : Keep it simple at the Webinar software . Google Hangout on Air is free and easy to use. All you need is a gmail address to access it.

2- How to organize a structured Webinar

At the level of the content of your webinar, I advise you to prepare a power point of support and to make a sharing of screen during the webinar.

Here is a webinar structure that has proved its worth:

1The Accroche: The hook makes it possible to announce the promise of what people will learn during the webinar.

2The List of Problems: Then list the problems your audience encounters as questions.

“Are you sick of …? ”

This allows on the one hand to filter your audience and be sure to address you to targeted prospects.

On the other hand, it allows to engage your audience who is identified in these problems.

3Why stay: Here, you must give a good reason to your audience to stay up. Announce the program and the list of things they will learn. Know to remain mysterious not to reveal everything from the beginning!

4Personal History: For those who do not know you well (the new ones on your list for example), you have to introduce yourself. Tell a part of your personal story. You can also share the results you got and why you wanted to do what you did!

5Main error: You are talking here about the common mistake that people usually make in your niche.

6Theory: Here you describe your solution in a theoretical way.

7The Operating Instructions: You then detail your solution as a step-by-step guide.

8Presentation of a product: You can then present a product that allows you to go further in solving the problem. If you do not have your own product, you can for example offer an affiliate product.

9Transition to Action: Encourage your prospects to take action by asking the question “What will happen if you do not take action?”

10Questions and Answers: Keep a little time for a live question-and-answer sequence.

Tip No.3: Follow a methodology to organize your webinar. These 10 steps help create engaging webinars. Do not hesitate to adapt this structure to your business. But it can be used as a starting point for creating a webinar.

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