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how to remove age spots on face

How To Remove Age Spots On Face

How To Remove Age Spots On Face? Age spots are unpleasant especially on the face. Although they are usually not dangerous, they can ask you a problem. But age spots may also appear on other paries of the body – hands, arms and shoulders more likely.

How To Remove Age Spots On Face

To get rid of age spots you first need to understand their nature and origin. After you determine which treatment is best for you but also relative to your income! Be aware that there are also inexpensive methods that might be worth to be tried. In this article, I will first tell you about the age spots and how to get rid of them, but also how to prevent their occurrence.

Nature of Age Spots

Age spots designate brown spots that appear on the skin. The terms brown spot, sun spots, liver spot, lentigo senile and lentigine / solar mean exactly the same thing. The range of tasks ranging from light brown to red or even black. Previously it was erroneously believed that these spots were due to liver problems. Age spots have nothing to do, either, with age even though they are more common in the elderly.

Origin of Age Spots

Because age spots are the result of the sun, sunspot most accurate term is “sunspots.” Plus you have been exposed to the sun and the skin is affected, regardless of your age. Because of the damage from the sun, the melanocytes (cells from the skin’s surface layer) that produce melanin pigment and transfer this pigment to skin cells other to help protect us against the sun’s UV rays diminish until to represent only 5-10% of the cells of the epidermis.

Many people (who like me one Irish) have little pigment and are not well protected from the sun: the result can be the production of an abnormal melanin pigment which forms spots.


Can they be dangerous? Yes! It is possible that they are cancerous. But in the vast majority are harmless and no treatment is necessary. To be sure you should consult your dermatologist.

Getting Rid of These Spots

Laser treatment is usually a very effective method to remove sun spots, but it is certainly not the best way. Two or more sessions may be required to remove stains completely, depending on where they are and how many there are. The procedure is expensive.

In a cryosurgery abnormal skin cells are destroyed and removed by freezing. In general, this is a very quick procedure with fairly minimal side effects. The freezing agent may be applied directly to the skin with a cotton swab or spray. The price is half as high for a very similar quality treatment.

Chemical peels the type of chemical solution and the application method used affect the depth of the peel. There is a downtime necessary after treatment, but no other side effects as irritated skin.

Microdermabrasion is a variety of treatments that rejuvenate the very upper layers of the skin. These are, for example, creams with abrasive particles and crystals that remove dead particles of the dermis. As a result, the skin generally looks smoother immediately after treatment with a reduction of sunspots. Prices are a bit lower.

There is a wide range of topical products most of which involve a bleaching agent. When you try to treat stains these bleaching creams tend to bleach the surrounding areas enplusdes spots themselves. In my opinion these creams do not work as they should. All bleaching creams make you more sensitive to the sun. And where did the age spots?

Prevention of Age Spots

All so-called natural methods do not work so well choose one that suits you. If treatments can remove existing sunspots, they can do nothing to prevent their appearance: it is for you to take steps preventive and protect you.

It is very simple. Just protect yourself against sun exposure! Avoid the sun, protect your skin with clothing and a hat and wear sunscreen all the time. It is never too late to start, you can prevent damage and reduce skin aging. Most damage from the sun occurs while we are driving. Because the windows filter out 100% of UVA rays (which cause burns), but none of the UVB rays which are responsible for skin aging. Maybe you should consider installing UVB protection film on the windows of your car.


Age spots have nothing to do with your age, but just your sun exposure: they result from cell dysfunction of the skin caused by UV rays. To avoid these stains you must protect yourself from the sun. There are several treatments to remove age spots, but they are generally ineffective or expensive. Instead, choose carefully a good natural method.

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